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Data Back-up

A secure and reliable back-up system is a crucial part of your organizations continuity plan. Combining data backup and remote, offsite storage into one automated step, Ritmo IT's online data backup solution delivers advanced data protection by simply installing software and leveraging existing Internet connectivity. With automated, remote data backup, technical support experts, and disk-based recovery, you can focus on core competencies knowing your business is fully protected.

Backed by a SAS 70 (Type II) certification, Ritmo IT's solutions employ aggressive security and redundancy safeguards while ensuring business continuity, Disaster Recovery readiness, and regulatory compliance.

Whether data requires continuous protection or data archiving, our solutions are tailored according to data value, lifecycle, regulated attributes, and recovery objectives, as well as desired redundancies and price points. Ritmo IT combines the highest levels of customer service, premium solutions, and secure world-class datacenters to deliver excellent data protection.

Application Hosting

In a business world transformed by globalization, IT staff must be able to provide anytime, anywhere, any-device, any-connection access to the enterprise. They must deliver business-critical applications and information quickly and efficiently. Continuous access to real-time information is integral to success. Accomplishing this across the Internet, or any network, requires robust, centralized application delivery and management capabilities. The solution must be scalable, reliable, manageable and secure. Businesses can count on Citrix solutions to achieve this goal—and to maintain their competitive advantage.

Office Relocations

Phase 2 - Coming Soon.

Outsourced IT Support

Phase 2 - Coming Soon.